Community Manager (3 Positions)

Community Manager (3 Positions)


Job Description

Xincus ( is the first of its kind Platform and Global Marketplace for small businesses to grow their business.

We are looking for astute Community Managers to manage several clients’ communities concurrently, and grow their members / customers base.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you have been looking for means to start a your own business this is your opportunity to test and find out if you have what it takes to make it happen. If you do then not only you will GET PAID for growing your business on Xincus, but also join the Xincus team as a where you can truly make a difference.

• Experience developing and implementing tactical plans that build, nurture, and grow online communities
• Demonstrated expertise in engaging the community members
• Experience locating and engaging advocates within the community to foster dialogue
• Demonstrated ability to work with client on developing on-brand messaging that best represents their voice and tone online and incentivizing user-generated content creation and sharing
• Experience establishing metrics, gleaning community insights and reporting / recommending strategies that achieve marketing goals
• Understanding what’s possible on the various social media platforms and the ability to educate and integrate the needs of the community members
• Excellent communication skills and creative writing skills.

Your challenge is simple. Create a community on Xincus that is focused on growing your own business and expertise and get paid as follows:

No of Community Members-------- Fix Fee-------- Days to Reach Members
250------------------------------------------US $125------------------------15
500------------------------------------------US $250------------------------30
750------------------------------------------US $500------------------------45
1,000------------------------------------- US $1,000-----------------------60

Your community members must sign-up through their Facebook login. We will further verify to ensure that your community members are either on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. You must engage your community members and demonstrate actual activity in growing your business. We believe that if you can grow your own business you can help other business owners to grow theirs. It is as simple as that.

1. You can create as many communities as you want to grow your main business community. For example, you can create Confidential communities for working with your clients on various projects, Private communities for planning events, Public communities for marketing and promotion of your business and so on. However, only one community will be counted as your main community for this fee.
2. If more than 15% of your community members appear in another community that community will be disqualified.
3. Business communities promoting pornography, violence, guns, terrorism, hatred and others will not be deleted from the Xincus Marketplace and the user’s account banned from login


You will receive 50% of the fee upon reaching the specified number of the members, and the balance of 100% after demonstrating actual activity and growth for 60 days thereafter. For example, you will receive 50% of the US $500 (i.e., US $250) if your community members reach 750 within 20 days, and the remaining US$250 60 days after provided you demonstrate sustained growth and genuine activity in your community.

Bottom line is we are looking for serious individuals who genuinely want to succeed and are PREPARED to do whatever it takes to make it happen!

Skills: marketing, facebook, linkedin, test