Company Logo (Alliance Capricorn)


Job Description

I need a designer to create an eye-catching logo for my company and a new website I am developing .

The logo should meet the following requirements:

1. The dominant colors to use are green and blue with a drop of Orange (45:45:10 percentage) as those represent my company philosophy.
2. It can be a combination of abstract mark or text (initials).
3. The logo will need to communicate these values: Masculine, Young Luxury, Modern, Serious, Loud, and Simple

All supported files must be handed over, including .jpg, transparent .png, and .psd.

Contractor requirements

The contractor should have the following skills:

1. Strong previous experience in company logo design
3. Ability to think creatively and suggest designs

How to apply

Please respond with a portfolio of your previous logo work. Please describe what each design meant to accomplish.

About the company

I am an individual that is developing a logo for my company Alliance Capricorn. Alliance Capricorn is an Info Marketing, ePub and eCom. My slogan is "The World is becoming a Small Place"

Skills: design, marketing