Complete SEO Analysis + Implementation of 3 month plan


Job Description

Ideally, I'd like to find someone to use indefinitely going forward however this industry doesn't appear to be set up this way. That being said I'm looking for purely white-hat methods. I want 0 risk of getting on googles bad-side. This is a family run down-to-earth business however I want to be as express as I can in our expectations. No surprises for either party.

Our website is
We went live in August 2012 after operating solely on eBay where we still sell as E-party2010
We are a very specialized niche in a hyper competitive Top-heavy industry. I want someone with the time and desire to learn from and thus grow with us going forward. This truly has been Hard To Find in SEO companies.

What I'm looking for
1. Spend some time learning necessary info from us regarding our worldwide market. (not your typical research)
2. complete SEO analysis of our current Website
3. Focused keyword research to find effective on-page keywords for assorted pages.
4. DETAILED On-site specific plan for 3 month contract/term.
5. Partial/full implementation of approved plan. We have in house resources we would like to take advantage of depending on what needs to be done.
6. Explanation of various areas/ways to continuously assess/improve. This is my way of saying I want to learn a few things (ie using GAdwords and GAnalytics more effectively, other tools etc) from you. This can be done a lot of ways.
7. Thoughts/Plan for various Off-page methods of SEO. To me this is secondary to everything else. My expectation is to begin this in month 2 once I'm happy with on-page efforts so plan proposal accordingly please.

Please only apply to this if you have the ability to work with us directly, especially in the beginning. We can make ourselves available outside normal business hours. We can phone, email, skype, etc.
I won't consider any obvious generalized/standardized proposals or fee structures. I realize that this is going to be a highly specialized project in part due to the nature of our niche and in part do to the hands-on nature of ownership.
Please have relevant prior experience (and hopefully success)

$3000 Budget stated is on the Higher side of our expectations. This would include significant off-page Seo efforts in addition to on-page must haves as stated above. We are in the process of hiring in-house Social Media Manager to focus on assorted platforms so keep in mind this area may be lacking but isn't directly to be focused on.

If you have any tohughts/questions to help generate a more accurate proposal, feel free to ask. If you feel terms should be structured differently, I'm receptive to listening

Thanks a lot for your consideration

Skills: analysis, research, on-page, off-page