Completion of Gateway for Dhdmedia

Completion of Gateway for Dhdmedia


Job Description

I am currently looking for a developer to complete a payment gateway for Dhdmedia. The project was started by a previous contractor and due to his personal life he is unable to complete it. The current development status at this point is 2 variables need to be completed and processing the returned IPN data needs to be written. There is also a couple of small variables that need to be edited by the Admin Panel.

This project is the start of a larger project which you will be invited to. This project is strictly our way of giving you the chance to prove your abilities and communication skills with us.

Our developer requirements expect you to be located in North America/Western Europe. We want your first language to be English so there are no communication issues. If we invited you to this job post, it means we have looked at your profile and feel there is a fundamental level of knowledge and communication skills that would match our expectations.

We look forward to working with you.

Skills: english