Conduct 10 Interviews about gunsmithing schools


Job Description

I need someone to conduct 10 interviews about gunsmithing schools

First set of 5 interviews is to be with 3 students and 2 instructors from the following gunsmithing schools: Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, Trinidad State Jr. College Gunsmithing Program and Yavapai College Gunsmithing School.

You need to find the student / teachers yourself, but you need to provide names and if possible contact details.

The second set of 5 interviews should be with actual US based gunsmiths and in return for their time we can offer a brief profile on our website incl. a link back to their website

The interviews should be at least 10 minutes long and cover the following questions:
- what do you learn at gunsmithing school
- what do you still need to learn after gunsmithing school
- what makes a good gunsmith
- what does a gunsmith earn when starting out
- what does a good gunsmith earn working for himself
- what is the most common work for a gunsmith
- why did you choose this school to learn / teach gunsmithing
- why did you choose to become a gunsmith

For each interview:
- You need to provide names and dates in the interviews
- You need to submit audio file and transcript