Connection of Merchant Account to 5 Websites

Connection of Merchant Account to 5 Websites


Job Description

To all interested parties,

We are looking for a highly skilled programmer who can connect our merchant account ( to our five websites

Sites are all in Drupal 7.x.


1. Must connect and include all basic functions of merchant account to ensure that customer has optimal shopping experience, including several payment options like credit card, debit card, paypal, echeck, etc. Note: before connecting any of these services, you must let us know of any possible additional charges.

2. Must have a receipt system to customer after purchase

3. Must have the necessary security features added to all transactions

4. Define the transactions URL as needed

5. Please note that you must be able to provide us with test transactions/proofs to ensure that all sites are connected properly without any errors. To test transactions in the merchant account, it could be done in test mode and without charging any real amounts in the credit card. These transactions history should be kept either in the admin panel of the site for us to check, or found from merchant account for verification of successful connection of merchant account to our websites

6. Must use the same merchant account to connect the rest of the 4 sites (5 in total), and with unique ids for easy management and administration. All sites needs test transaction record which must be submitted to us as proof of successful connection

7. Must define all the important criterion in the merchant account, such as: see attachment

8. Need further website optimization for all sites:
-image compression without losing graphic quality
-compressing scripts
-converting to php, etc
-all pages must be fast loading including homepage, content pages, and ecommerce pages
view this link for more information:

9. Graphics of check-out form must match with the website

10. Automatic Adjustment in Price for Store Credits: we would like a field where when customers puts in a discount credit, and the price automatically adjusts before they go through with the transaction.

See example:

A product on the site costs $100, and the customer puts in a discount code for 10 credits. Since 10 credits = $1 discount
The price should automatically adjust to $99 before the customer goes through with the transaction

1. This feature must be editable by admin to state what credit equals what amount of dollars

2. Should match the database so that when system generate codes for discounts, the code matches with the database of codes, and deletes the used code so that it cannot be used twice.

3. Put code that has discount rate with it upon generation. This would be generated by the admin, and could be based on customer purchase amounts, if they are a new customer or return customer, etc.

-need to make a field for this
-put code that has discount rate with it generated; would be generated by the admin
could be generated by customer purchase; rules for discount amounts

4. Transaction should take 3 to 5 seconds; fast transaction in acceptable range

Terms & Conditions:

1. Contract Work Only, No Hourly.
--- We will sign a non-disclosure agreement to confirm that you will be paid for your work upon deadline and delivery. You must also agree to our nda terms/conditions.

Please note that before sending payment we will review your work to ensure that you completed all tasks of the project.

2. The deadline is 3 days from the starting point, and cannot be extended. All information will be provided to you, and you must ask all questions before beginning. No delays or excuses!---We will discuss

3. ----Milestone payments may be given per website completed but only if you complete all merchant points listed in the job posting; that means 100% of the work must be completed on the website for you to receive the payment.

Please note for your project bid, the fixed price includes odesk fees.

Thank you for your interest, and hope to work with you soon
Good luck to all applicants


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