Construction renderings for presentation

Construction renderings for presentation


Job Description

3d or 2d rendering presentation for multi-family planned unit development.
Video and or multi- media rendering.

Implemented with work schedule and site plans in design for a complete detail of construction process including cost per completed job.

Heating and cooling
Driveway and concrete pouring
Interior and exterior concept design
Landscape design
Solar energy panels
Utility connection
Final walk through


Each complete with schedule time frame for each plan and cost Includes with labor and equipment.

We would supply plans cost and budget for each particular job. We expect designer to implement each accordingly into thorough presentation for workflow and with a seamless transition into following subject. We would like to have control points in between subject plan transitions. This should be able to give our team ability to communicate task and cost in a affective manner while allowing viewer opportunity to ask qualified questions. Video presentation should be an effective medium in which our team can upload it into a website including (eg. YouTube or any other viable media stream) a multipoint conference medium. Presentation would allow our team to implement VoiceOver for a smooth process of communication. Video Presentation should be a smooth form of communication in which no audio should be needed.

*Other task may be added.

Skills: rendering, design, video, youtube