Consulting on CiviCRM design, customization, and user-training


Job Description

We are seeking a consultant with strong experience in CiviCRM implementations to assist in designing our CiviCRM implementation to meet our business needs.

This is not a programming/coding role.

This is a CRM Consulting role where we expect you to understand our business processes and assist us in designing the customization of our CiviCRM instance, using your experience and knowledge of CiviCRM capabilities. We already have our CiviCRM instance installed and in use at a basic level, with some customization.

We are a small business marketing financial trading software & services to individual investors, with a focus on online marketing and personal service. Our CRM system will be core to our marketing, sales & service operations. You will be liaising with the founder of the company to understand our business processes and needs.

The ideal candidate would have:
- a thorough awareness of the functional capabilities of the core CiviCRM system AND the add-on 'modules', ie. CiviCase, CiviMail, CiviEvent...
- proven experience in designing CiviCRM implementations
- proven experience in designing CRM solutions to support specific customer service processes
- the ability to make recommendations about how to best structure the CRM database and organise data for greatest flexibility and effectiveness.
- the ability to specify the programming requirements and guide programmers/developers to implement the system

We see 4-stages for this job contract:
1. Initial interviews, select candidates
2. Initial test engagement to assess suitability - 1-3 hours
3. Core consulting engagement - review business processes, define scope of customization, make recommendations, design functionality, specify requirements and guide development - 10-30 hours
4. Training - basic & advanced training on using CiviCRM modules
5. On-going occasional consulting on further functionality

- please ensure your job application makes reference to your precise experience with CiviCRM projects. failure to reference your specific experience will mean your application will be ignored.
- only apply if you have actually worked yourself on designing CiviCRM solutions