Contacting users in same network


Job Description

I have installed SocialEngine 4, bought it just yesterday. We were using a trial version for the past month where we noticed that we need a specific feature.

We are using it for our K-12 school teachers and students to interact. We want teachers to be able to contact the entire class in when they post assignments. We are using the forums plugin to create assignments. So each forum is called by the grade name + assignment. Example Grade 5 Assignments, Grade 6 Assignments, Grade 10 assignments.

When a teacher (moderator) of a forum posts a new topic (assignment) in her forum (grade 6 assignment), we want to notify all students in a particular network (grade 6). Our networks are named as grade 5, grade 6, grade 10 etc.

We should be able to notify via email the text of the topic posted and the link to discuss it online.