Content Spinner

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description


We are looking to fill a position for a content spinner.

Our ideal candidate would possess these qualities:

- Must have experience spinning content before in the past. We use SpinRewriter. If you have used The Best Spinner or other similar software in the past, you will understand SpinRewriter very easily. The automation feature in this software is very powerful, but you would still need to double check for proper English

- Strong English reading AND writing skills are a must. We need our content to be high quality, so you would need to edit out synonyms that do not fit well in the sentence. Sometimes you will need to add (write) an additional paragraph or two to make an article/blog post more unique

- Communication is very important for us. We require daily reports when you work so we can monitor progress. As we build our relationship together and become more comfortable we can move to weekly reports.

- Available on Skype during Eastern Standard Time working hours 8am-5pm. You don't need to work entirely on our schedule, but being available for communication at some point during the day is important because we can resolve questions and issues immediately instead of waiting through email.

- Can download Dropbox onto their computer. If you have never used dropbox before, it is very easy to learn. This is how we share files together.

Work Load:

To start, we will test out your skills with only a few articles. If you do a good job we will start sending you more articles. We have plenty of pieces of content that need to be spun. Depending on your work availability and skill, this can scale up to quite a lot of hours per week for you :)

What To Expect From Us

We provide detailed written and video instructions for all of our jobs so you will understand exactly what you need to do. We are also available on Skype to answer any questions you may have. We are always here to help you do the best job and we will offer constructive criticism to help you get better. If you are offended easily by constructive criticism, then we may not be a good fit. We are all in this together to do a great job and we believe it is better to point out where each other can improve instead of not saying anything. That goes the same way. If you have feedback about anything, feel free to tell us without thinking you will get "in trouble" or fired.

Please answer these quick questions at the top of your application:

What content spinning software do you have the most experience with?

How do you like to be managed? Follow exact directions for everything or have more freedom to do things the way you see fit? (Either answer is fine)

What was your favorite job you have completed on odesk and why?

What was your least favorite job completed on odesk and why?