Cookbook Public Relations


Job Description

We need a publicist to help promote our author's first cookbook. She is a successful food blogger whose website reaches over 300k visitors per month. At the beginning of 2012, she was approached by a publisher, and her first book hit shelves last week. It is available on in print and kindle format, and on shelves in Barnes and Noble bookstores.

We don't have experience promoting a book, and would like to leverage a professional's expertise in facilitating conversations with journalists. In your response, please give us an estimate of the amount of time required to have an impact. We have compiled a list of journalists with contact info, but if you have ideas on who to contact, that would be a definite plus.

This isn't a very long engagement and our budget is limited, but the author already signed her second book deal for a cookbook that will be out in the summer, so there will be additional opportunities for work. And if things go really well, we could discuss promotion of the website as well.