Copy Logo Design From Inkscape to Illustrator

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I have an easy job for someone with some skill!

1. I designed a logo in Inkscape. It is saved as a .SVG file.
I need you to either redesign it in Illustrator or transfer it in to Illustrator.

2. I also need an ad designed in Inkscape transferred to Illustrator as well.
Must meed color/formatting specifications attached (plus, for the size specifications please refer to the lower right hand corner table and use the guidelines for the DQC in the 4col row, which stands for four columns. The dimensions show 253 x 171.)

They need to look exactly as they look in Inkscape, when finished.

*For logo, must use font Aovel Sans.

*For Ad

Skills: design

Open Attachment