Copy data from Google Analytics and Yandex.Direct to MySQL DB


Job Description

The main job (the first stage):
script gathers report all required info on paid (and free) transitions based on data from Google Analytics and data platforms Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. Data is synchronized with markups (which is still doing for us our long-time business partner).
You also need to provide for an independent markups (a separate script, which will store data in our database.) In the case of missing / inadequate prometki our ad partners (including for free ads).

1. The report must be recorded automatically entered into our database for MySql API to 6-00 am. receive / collect information - the last day (00 .. 00.01 to 23.59.59)

2. The future form of the report template appears in the file: "The form template report.xlsx"

3. The report should show all transactions (ID unique order -), which were carried out over a period of time. The data is taken from Google Analytics.

4. Just contains keywords which bring clicks, but no transactions.

5. If one word had multiple transactions, a keyword is duplicated. Statistics for this keyword is divided into the average index of the word, ie If a keyword has been 5 transactions for the period of time (one day), all parameters of this keyword in a given period divided by 5. These keywords are highlighted.

6. The report should show information about creative ads at the moment: the title, text, url ads.

7. If the advertising campaign is off, but the orders for this RK keep coming (Back Order), in this case, the report contains information about the number of transactions, source, campaign and keyword. Data on the value of the conversion and visits are zero.

8. Should be written in the script allow for the entry of new words ("add") / withdrawal of old words ("clean") - a list of files from. Xls
markup new words - should be carried out automatically at startup (script). The script - must be able to create new markups by analogy with markups from our partner.

Fixed price of $ 1,500, this cost
included, the installation on our server, a complete test of the system to
release version, we transfer listings, training our staff,
2-week support after commissioning the system
Payment means for the implementation / full-tested (regular and extra job) and then send us the code. If errors are detected on the job after the payment - performer fix it for free as part of this work.