Crafty and experienced speech/press editor

Crafty and experienced speech/press editor


Job Description

We need an expert native-english speaking editor, ideally with some marketing intuition, to help us edit scripts for a short video and press release. You must be from the USA, born and raised!

We need you to review the wording for the following concrete elements:
-Ensure positive tones and connotations in the entire writing
-Search for excessive use of a single word and replace it with more word variety
-Flag wording that may be even slightly ambiguous
-Search for sections that may need clarification based on an assumption of 9th grade level comprehension and knowledge.
-Eliminate run on sentences
-Reduce complexity of wording to a ~9th grade level
-Looks for basic spelling and grammer mistakes
-Search for capitalization, spacing, and punctuation consistency.

We need you to also search for the following subjective elements:
-Flag wording or phrases that are adjacent to similar or redundant phrases
-Flag any sections that insinuate any condescension or that are not humble
-Flag any sections with any element of tryhard! humor!
-Identify sections that are overly literal, hand-holding the reader, and not letting them fill in some "obvious" blanks for themselves
-Simplify complex sentences to say the absolute minimum that needs to be said.
-Read the article/speech out loud and rephrase things that sound better spoken vs. written

If selected, your first task will be to rewrite this job description, which was intentionally poorly written. Candidates with the fastest turn-arounds will be hired.

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