Craig's List Assistant for Writing Descriptions and Updating Ads


Job Description

We are seeking a professional and experinced Customer Service Representative with experience in Craig's list. You will be creating ads off the photos given.

We will upload to dropbox the photos and send you an email with the amount of the item.

It will be your responsibility to write the ad, outlining what the item is and why it is a great buy.

Skills Required:
Attention to Detail
Ability to thoroughly follow direction
Creative Writing
Craig's List Experience

In order to apply, put Living in Harmony in your first sentence. Enclose your experience with Craig's list and write a 4 sentence description you would use for selling a flat file. I have attached the photo for your description.

Reply with your hourly quote, keeping in mind we will expect at least 4 listings per hour. Seeking experienced professional with experience with a rate less than 2.00 per hour.

Skills: craigslist, craigslist-posting, english

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