Craigslist Ad Posting Expert

Craigslist Ad Posting Expert


Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, organized & diligent professional skilled in the posting of image and text ads on Craigslist.

The purpose of the ads are for lead generation - driving prospects from Craigslist to our various lead capture websites. And because we are looking for an expert in Craigslist posting, you should have all the skills necessary to successfully post ads & know how to avoid problems and recommend options (like best ad format etc for each campaign. Including:

* Expertise in keeping multiple ads "alive" & posted without being ghosted or flagged.
* Ability to multiple ads in various regions of the US Craiglist
* Use of PVA's & Geo IP as necessary to achieve our posting goals
* Experience in knowing Craigslist "good practices" & work within them
* Experience in proper adjustment of ad copy to insure successful posting
* Monitoring & reposting to keep the ads "at the top" & refreshed at appropriate times

The chosen vendor must also provide daily scheduled updates of postings with links showing the live ads via Google Doc Spreadsheet (or similar) AND must also be available for communication on Skype or oDesk daily to answer questions.

The chosen candidate must also be flexible, easy to work with, and willing to have good communication skills to respond to our questions & inquiries with clear, complete answers.

This is a potential long term project & after an initial trial run (where we see how can work together) we will then consider making this a long term, ongoing project.

* Trial run will run for 5 days
* No more than 3 hours per day
* Looking for bids in the $3.50 per hour range (negotiable)

The stated rate is flexible. Bid at a rate you feel comfortable with based on your skill level & let us know why you feel that way. We are flexible and looking to work with flexible people too and we will review every bid that we receive fully!

* ALSO please advise approximately how many ads per hour you can post
* Please provide samples of live ads you have done / your success
* We will provide you the TIMES / DAYS we need posting done
* We will also provide creatives (text / HMTL) with our tracking codes also
* BUT willing to take advise from you on any tweaking of ads for better results.

CHOSEN CANDIDATE WILL START IMMEDIATELY! Looking forward to working with you!

Skills: craigslist, craigslist-posting