Create 50-100 email responses per day

Create 50-100 email responses per day


Job Description


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You will draft 50 to 100 customer support emails every day (there will be more emails on some days, less on other days). You will use simple email templates to create responses to queries from prospective language students. You will open emails, figure out how to respond, and draft the correct response. Extensive instructions will be provided. There will be a training period before you begin work (it will last about 2 or 3 days).

The email templates are already prepared; you will just need to select and modify the correct templates.


-Excellent communication skills
-Perfect English
-A minimum time commitment of four hours per day for at least three months
-Experience with Gmail preferred


-Pay is $0.03 for each usable email you draft.
-After one month, if you do well, pay will rise to $0.05 per email drafted.
-After three months, if you do well, pay will rise to $0.07 per email drafted.

This is an ongoing contact and you will be paid on a monthly basis.

To give you an idea of how much you could earn per month when your pay rises to $0.07 per draft, consider this: if you draft 2000 emails in a month, you will receive a payment of $140 for that month.

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