Create REST service for CRUD for 8 entities using Node.js / Express.js and Mongodb


Job Description

This is for prototyping a small blog-like app. As a first step, we need a simple REST service for CRUD operations for 8 entities.

Should include:
Field validations as appropriate for each field
Authentication for updates
Finders as specified
Data to be stored as json
Make some curl scripts to exercise the REST service and see them working

Should be built using Node.js / Express.js and Mongodb
Should be deployed on server machine which will be provided.


Flow (like a blog made up of a series of items - like a timeline)
Item (an item in a blog - text or image)
Context (context associated with flow)
Conversation (a conversation on an Item or Flow)
Follow (User following another user, or user following a Timeline)
Share (sharing info for sharing with others)

More details will be provided upon acceptance

Skills: json, prototyping