Create Simple Command Line Based Backup Software

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

C:\backup program location\program.exe –url

* Uses Zip technology
* Allow for Text File configuration file, Program will check the website for configuration every time it is run. Text file can be located online:
* Allow daily SMTP E-mail Alert/Report on success & failure
* Follows a Report Template
* Text Config to set the e-mail, name, and company (Config in text file)
* Portable – no need modification of registry or setup
* Allow backup even if a file is open / locked, VSS Shadow Copy Service? (Config in text file)
* Allow password locking (Config in text file)

* C:\Data
* C:\Users\ken
e:\Backup\2013-01-12 –
* Allow Incremental, Differential, Full Backup (e.g. Monday Full backup, Tues-Fri Incremental or Differential or Sun Full, Monday-Sat Incremental or Differential). Only copy folder and file that changed, no empty folders.
*Backup X Weeks (Backup Sets Include 1 Full + 1 Week of Diff, Incremental backup) before deleting the older backup set.
*Monitor Free Space X% before deleting Backup Sets e.g. 15%

Addition Requirements:
* Ask questions and communicate progress if hired
* Looking to do this as cheaply as possible. Budget $40-60 range
* Require source code