Create a Database of Builders

Create a Database of Builders


Job Description

VERY EASY JOB: Copy & Paste

Please find attached instructions for 2 areas of Melbourne I am wanting a database of builders. I have included an excel spread sheet with the details I want collected. For some builders there may not be an email or mobile number when you do searches. fill out all other details on the line except those you are unable to locate for that particular client.

I have over 10 regions I would like done but please start with 2 only which are in the instructions and are what the dollar amount I have allocated to you are for.

Please ensure there are no duplications by doing a filter prior to sending back through. I have provided the sites to utilise for searching for builders - you will be able to search for a region and builder as the person you are looking for to build the database.

As you will note there are separate tabs on spread sheet for each region.

Please start with the regions I have put in bold only, Essendon and Geelong.

I have allowed longer than normal in amount allocated so you can work through and understand process. there are more regions to do as you will see by attachment we will see how these first 2 regions go.


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