Create admin panel for this website

Create admin panel for this website


Job Description

your Job is to make a template out of this webpage:

if you see this page adapts to all sizes: mobile, iphone,ipad, full desktop, etc..tablet..etc...

what client requires is:

an administrator panel, so he can do same webpage than this for many different projects...

so for example, this is project 1 (for a specific house)...but he needs to be able to do this exaclty same thing for project 2, project 3, project 4...each project will be either the map/drawing of a house , drawing of a landscape for a development of houses, etc...

so there must be an admin panel, where he can upload:
1. logo of the project
2. Name of the project,
3. image of the map (in the example, is the main image in the main menu).
4. the places where the red buttons should be placed.
5.small description. to clients (mobiliaria button).
7. each of the red buttons (point 4) .mov , so he should be able to upload this mov files, there would be as many as the client want for each project. each possition of the red button, should be matched to the adecuate .mov file.
8.,name of each .mov file (example Panorama 1),
8. description of each .mov file

the main idea, is that this client, want this template to be used, but he wants to be able to admin himself the project...he does not want to need to go everythime to a webmaster,,he wants to create many of this, automatically whenever he wants with an admin panel.

Part B:
When you see that panorama image, you see that it first appear an image "view control" we need that this appear as well everytime.. (just to let you know, for this example in the link provided, we iframed an existing panorama from another we need to create our oun panorama menu, and its first part is to to :
a. a pop up image like in the link, that shows user he can navigate over the image (view control).
b. the menu button: + that lets user zoom
c. the menu button: - that lets user zoom out.
d. menu button: play, that lets the image navigate alone.
e. menu button: full screen image

THE Client wants to export this information in a CD so his clients can see each project. so each project must have a way to export data into a cdroom with an autorun file, so when client puts it inside a computer, it autoruns, that same time, the documents and pages, must be hidden so they can not copy content or template.


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