Create afiliate program on my website in Wordpress

Create afiliate program on my website in Wordpress


Job Description

Mock up needed
I want to create an customized affiliate program in my website with the following:

1 - Sign up page - Were the users will sign in with the following informations:

Nome: It means name in english
CPF: Its a brazilian ID document
Telefone: Its a telephone field
Página: That means website.
Foto: Were he upload his picture

note: As a administrator I want to give diferent rights for the users:
1 - User - It´s just a normal user
2 - Afiliate - Those people will receive their afiliate links.

I just need the affiliate program do one thing: Were someone came to my website thru an afiliate link, when he clicks on the certain link in my website this link will foward the visitor to the external website that the afiliate fill in in the field (página) during his sign up process. It´s not to be a payment system. Just to follow the afiliate link

1 - The afiliate come to my website and sign up (this sign up page needs to be created) - I want it with a picture in the background (same picture when you go to this page would be\afiliados

2 - He type his website on this and other information

3 - he receive his personal afiliate link and begin to share it (After finish the sign up he may be ready to come back, sign in and see or modify his information)

4 - when some one click in his link will come to main page

5 - The visitor will visit some pages in the website (I will do the pages), but when he arrives in the page when he clicks on the link in this page - (sentence "Clique aqui e seja redirecionado para o site de cadastro") it goes to the affiliate website (he informed during the sign in)

6 - I want to receive the link code in the item 5, so I can put it wenever I want in my website.

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Desired Skills

WordPress, webdesigner

Skills: english