Create script to install / run simple sinatra koala example


Job Description

This task involves creating a script to install several tools as well as a simple Koala / Sinatra example. The constraints are as follows:

1) The script must be made to run on the AMI found at
2) You must install ruby 1.9.3 if it's not installed on that AMI already
3) You must install rails 3.2 if it's not installed already
4) You must install shotgun and use it as the webserver for this example
5) The example must run successfully

Once these steps are complete, give the publicly accessible URL of the AMI running the script to me to verify that it is running properly. Delivery of the script to duplicate these conditions will earn the payout.

IMPORTANT: to apply to this job, please explain the benefit of using the shotgun web server for development over other potential ruby web servers. Any application that fails to answer this question will be marked as rejected for not having followed directions.