Create social network for teachers!


Job Description

Brief description:
Your job will be to continue the work that is already done at (teacher's social network). Basically teachers can make a website for their classroom and publish it to the world.

Detailed description:

These are the coding used in Educator Classroom.

1. Server-side:
a) mysql 5
b) aMember 4 membership system
c) PHP 5.2
d) .htaccess

2. Client-side:
a) html 4 (xhtml 1.0 strict)
b) css 3
c) javascript
d) jQuery 1.4
e) additional jQuery plugins

All the user management is done through the aMember 4 membership management system using mysql and php, with some modifications to the aMember code. The user generated content is stored in the same database, in separate tables, but linked to amember user table.

On the client side, it is standard html/css/jquery. Almost no html 5 features are used, to ensure compatibility with older browsers.

An important feature of the website is the live or public interface and the private interface. On the live interface, all page content must be available on page load, to allow search engines to index. On the private interface, the smooth user interaction is given greater importance and ajax is used extensively. But the code base for the live and private home page remains the same because the content is essentially the same; .htaccess is used to achieve this along with javascript.

Currently, most of the website is working except for the photo and video tabs in the status (i.e. home) page. The backend code for these is mostly done. The front end code will be shared from the announcement tab. Basically, an in-depth study of the existing code will be required to achieve this, as well as to add any new features which may be required.

Your job is to continue working on Educator Classroom by adding and completing all the features for users.

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