Creative Web Designer


Job Description

I am seeking a highly creative web designer to improve the quality and functionality of my landing page. Someone to take my landing page from an amateur dorm room creation to a professional & funcional page.

The main limitation to my site is that it was built using Wordpress. I need someone who is capable of stylizing the page on a Wordpress platform.

My current problem is that the bottom of the landing page adds nothing to the site. The construction is very poor, and adds no value to the consumer. I would also like to see a page that utilizes the entire page, the current design is very narrow. I need someone to design three awesome solutions for me to choose from.

My site is The feature product for R & M Products is the That's What She Said voice button. The purpose of the landing page is two-fold. One, to sell the product to the end-consumer. Two, to sell the product to corporate buyers.

I am eager to hire someone who can re-design my landing page.

Skills: design