Crime Management software for Police ( WebSite+Software)

Crime Management software for Police ( WebSite+Software)


Job Description

We Require the expert services of highly qualified .Net or Java experts with very strong web site development and desktop app development skill to desgin and deploy
a crime management software for the police department.

The ideal candidate will first provide a working prototype of a 15-20 Forms app with some Crystal reports and its associated basic web app. This WORKING prototype will be paid 50-100$ and help us determine the contractors professional level .

We will provide the specs and screenshots of what we want as prototype , The qualified contractors will be awarded the complete project based on their quality of work for the trial/prototyping phase.

Only Competent applicants should apply because we will go through a very strict interview, test ,trial and evaluation phase before starting with the complete project.

At Least 10 years of experience in desktop and web apps is compulsory. Please mention the string "I M 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN WEB APPS AND DESKTOP APP DEVELOPMENT"

Skills: management, .net, prototyping, test