Cucumber Test Engineer

Cucumber Test Engineer


Job Description

I'm looking for a Test Engineer to assist on a development project delivering a HTML 5 application orientated around answering quiz questions.

This will be a very well run, low risk Project where all test cases are already defined in Gherkin syntax and where most HTML UI screens already exist containing stubbed data.

The successful candidate will be able to just get on with the job without relying very much on developer activities.

I would expect a successful engagement to be run with good communication and good technical skills that enable you to get the job done using your previous experience without the need for going slow.

Essential skills required:
- Page Objects using Selenium Web Driver
- Cucumber step definitions

Nice to have skills:
- Cucumber test data Management
- Experience with test case definition (most Test Cases are already written)
- Knowledge of the Capybara API

Core Activities:
- Creating page objects for all the existing UI screens using Selenium Web Driver or Capybara
- Creating Cucumber tests for the application functionality as it is developed in Sprints

Please read and answer the interview questions carefully. Rushing these or providing incomplete answers may affect your ability to get short listed.

Any applications that contain copy and paste letters will be disqualified immediately.