Customer Service and


Job Description

Job Description

We are in need of an individual capable of making telephone calls daily to businessmen in the central and eastern North Carolina Market

You will be calling on current customers and prospective professional business men
1. call on current customers and prospective new customers to schedule appointments so I can visit them and market clothing and accessories
2. send emails and follow up with phone calls and review the email that was sent in order to schedule more appointments
3. call customers and be certain the customer is satisfied with their level of service
4. Compile a database of customer service issues for future planning

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. Has strong English skills in conversation and writing
2. Has worked in customer support, in customer service and has the ability to talk to the customer in a comfortable manner,
3. Is familiar with MS Word or Excel to compile the list of issues
4. has a positive and upbeat attitude toward the American customer

I will need you to be available full-time from 8am – 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday for 2 weeks

*this opportunity could lead to a full time position.

How to apply

Please include the following in your cover letter:

1. Your previous experience with customer support and with telephone marketing,sales experience if any
2. How comfortable you are with Microsoft Office
3. How comfortable you are with the American businessman
3. Your availability during the above period

About the company

I am the owner of a custom clothing business that focuses on providing high end clothing and accessories for business men and women. We operate in the eastern United States

Skills: english, marketing, customer-relations