Customized PHP Developer

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Job Description

Turn around time: 2 days

1. Everytime, someone subscribe to the Newsletter subscription at the top, it should automatically add to "Manage Subscribers" in the control panel.

2. Whenever someone uses the form in the Footer, it will sent to the email. For testing purpose, please use my email first

3. I need you to fix the upper portion of the background on an estimated number of 15 pages.

4. The design is not implemented on this page. Please find the main wireframe and do the changes on that. Whenever the admin creates a new deal, it should reflect the new design instead of the old.
*URL will be given to potential candidates*

5. The main content area should have the same design as the homepage
*URL will be given to potential candidates*

6. On the homepage, can you make sure that the date works properly? It should reflect the date that is added and the Read More button should lead to inner page which shows more details of the listing. Pagination needs to be working.

7. In the top navigation area, can you please place the proper link to the correct pages?

8. The menu is hard coded. I need the Admin to be able to modify the menu from the backend.