Cut into Homepage/ Layout like MSN or

Cut into Homepage/ Layout like MSN or


Job Description

I want a homepage that looks like Yahoo, or the layout is good too

I want the people that come to my site to be able to click on newsfeeds from different sources.

news, weather, sports, entertainment, TRENDING NOW, we will say "PEAKING TRAFFIC"

I want this on my homepage, cut into my current design, to make it all work together. I have mobile phones in my site, and we can add MORE mobile phone and in the screens of the mobile phones we can put the LINKS for NEWSFEEDS....... 1. mobile phone is Headline NEWS, 2. Mobile phone is Entainment, 3. MobilePhone is Weather, 4 .Mobile phone is SPORTS, 5 . MOBILE phone is SURVEY QUESTIONS 6 Mobile phone is Dating Tips/Relationship/Marriage 7 Mobile Phone is Politics/Election ...........SIMPLE STUFF NOT HARD TO DO.........and I want the stories to open up FRAMED IN ON OUR WEBSITE> leaving our site to read a story.

MIGHT BE EASIER TO INTEGRATE MY WEBSITE TO A SOCIALENGINE PLATFORM ..........i already have "invite a friend" so we can continue building my site which CUSTOM PURE PHP..........or move my site over to SocialEngine and INTEGRATE my functionality NEEDS with the platform.

I also want the database to run 100 other websites, so same admin panel controlling 100 more websites so also for running advertising, all from same ADMIN PANEL, which would probably be an ADMIN PANEL that is a mix of what the ADMIN PANEL I HAVE NOW, and the admin panel.

Since we will control all content 100%, I want to be able to do "search" that will display results like a search engine. We will be indexing millions of businesses in the United States and millions of different product offerings and I want those names and keywords captured in each profile, so the database can be "searched" by keyword and display results based on most popular, most downloaded, etc. So we will be using all of our data to build our own SEARCH ENGINE........there are searchengine scripts all over and many can be bought for $20-$100 that are VERY GOOD, and we can even integrate into our search engine some GOOGLE results , Bing results, later. I like as a searchengine....... but we will have our own NAME for our SearchENGINE.

So repeat NEEDS:

1. HOMEPAGE with newsfeed, sport feed, entertainment feed, weather feed links, this can all be done RSS I think so, or you have another idea. All framed in pages to read the content, NO LEAVING THE WEBSITE.

2. INTEGRATION with SOCIALENGINE??? If you can make all of my functionality WORK WITH then I want to do that. Because I want messenger service for website and for mobile site.

3. Use my MySql database to feed 100 more websites, 1 ADMIN PANEL, SUPER ADMIN TO CONTROL ALL

4. SearchEngine functionality that will search our database for data.

Skills: yahoo