DATA MINING - Photo Database Filtering


Job Description

Brivin Corp, a web development company, is seeking a data mining service in order to control the quality of its photo database.

We have a database which contains photos of properties for sale in the United States, however some of the photos are considered junk and non-recoverable. We have created an interface for checking photos where the user can either accept or reject photos and crop them accordingly. This is done manually because one must decide whether the photo is valid or not.

The database is regularly updated and the number of photos saved on this bank is around 700,000 monthly. The interface is very simple and easy to use.

We are looking for people able to carry out this task of choosing the best photos according to our guidelines in order to filter our database with only valid photos.

The chosen providers will be subjected to a test so that we can analyze whether you are clear on the details and objective of the project.

A major requirement is that the candidate has a reliable and fast internet connection. The payment basis shall be by the number of APPROVED photos, our database is continuously being fed new photos, so our goal is to always finish the month with zero photos pending approval in the database.

Our budget is $700.00 for 700,000 photos approved

We will consider interviews only for candidates who start their reply with the sentence: "I got the requirements".


Skills: test