DOJO project (Nov2012)

DOJO project (Nov2012)


Job Description

A client web portal system, which is only accessible to authenticated users, allows users to simplify the tasks of coordinating sport team and group activities for team captain, players and administrators. With features such as team roster management, fixtures scheduling, players attendance, team message board, team photo sharing, game statistic, etc.

An expert in Dojo is desired.

* What we already have versus what the provider will deliver:
The selected provider is expected to develop the web portal based on an UI design using client-side as Dojo, and complete integration to our datastore by REST calls.

We have already done some architectural design and UI design. Most of the operations are CRUD based; the database schema should be around 30 tables.

The selected provider will work closely with the project manager, who will monitor the project progress and specify timeline for deliverables. Our office is located in Hong Kong. Communication can be conducted via email, IM, video chat or face-to-face communication.

Provider is expected to work a few hours a day, 5 days a week. The selected individual will need to be very familiar with SVN. S/he is expected to submit codes to SVN every day.

* Specific expertise / background that we are seeking:
Dojo 1.8

The estimated timeframe would be 6 weeks.