Data Analytics Consultant

Data Analytics Consultant


Job Description

We are a 5 star odesk provider and the largest in Scotland.

We're looking for an Data Analytics specialist to complete a number of tasks relating to a Data Analytics project from designing and scoping as well as proposal completion.

We are looking with a strong background in data analytics particularily in the online and social spaces. We are looking for candidates.

Preferences would be given to PhD candidates or candidates who are currently lecturers, researchers or professors in this space.

We are looking for a contractors that has the following skills:
1. Strong Data Research Expertise, gathering/scrapping data.
2. Exceptional attention to detail.
3. Fluent in English both written and spoken.
4. Strong Research Capability
5. Ability to work on your own.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
1. Your background, cv, resume and journal work. ( If you are from any Asian country a copy of your national id card,passport, drivers license, student id number etc must be submitted before interview. )
2. You must include I am a human not a computer and I want help change the world in the first lines of your bid
3. You must have Skype. Please include your Skype availability so we can arrange an immediate interview.
4. You must have the desire to change the world.

Please tell us if you have a full time job elsewhere or are doing any other jobs on Odesk. Please state honestly what your free hours per week are as you will be expected to keep to that.


We are a 5 Star ODesk provider and we look for long term relationships and provide excellent feedback and references .

We look for great candidates who can help us shape our business providing not just development support but deep strategic partnerships to us and clients.

Apply now and don't delay. The world needs changing.

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