Data Entry Adding Products / E-Commerce Website Using 3DCart - Part Time Starting out 20 Hours/Wk


Job Description

Hello Candidate,


This position is for 20 Hours a week starting out.

I am looking for someone who is somewhat versed in HTML and Data Entry. You must be proficient in Data Entry.


You will be adding products to our catalog. We have thousands of products currently needing added to our online store.

A well rounded individual is preferred. There is is definitely an opportunity to grow and develop within our company.

You will take the descriptions from one site (our distributors sites) then put them on our site. You will be taking the product information (Description, Title, Sku, Weight, Price, Inventory, & Pictures) from one of our distributor’s site then adding it to our website. You will do all of this through our admin back office.

You will be using a basic WYSIWYG editor for the product descriptions which you will copy directly from the products themselves.

I will teach you step by step how to complete the Data Entry of the products.

Please be familiar with the oDesk desktop time tracking software and how it works.

You will also be adding new Product Categories, Subcategories and going through the products to make sure they are added and look correct on the website. You will need to delete discontinued products which you will be given the necessary information to do so.

We will be using Yahoo and or Skype to correspond.

This will be an ongoing position with possible future needs and more opportunities available within the company as well as more hours 40 or more in the very near future.

English skills are a must as it will also involve some proofreading to make sure descriptions are correct. I am looking for highly motivated individuals who are willing to learn and also possibly have an interest in RC Helicopters since this is what we sell.

This position will be an ongoing position with varying hours as the workload increases. We are looking for someone who wants to grow with us and be a part of a team.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Google Searching
Excel 2003
Proficient with WYSIWYG Editor
Proficient at Reading, Speaking, and Understanding English
Work with oDesk time tracker and work diary

If you have taken the following tests and scored well you will be given preferential treatment over the other applicants. I highly advise you complete the free tests.

Organizational Behavior Test
English Vocabulary Test (U.S. Version)
Management Skills Test
MS Excel 2003 Test
English Spelling Test (U.S. Version)
Email Etiquette Certification
Office Skills Test
U.S. English Basic Skills Test

At the Beginning of your job application make sure you put this as the subject line "Hello, I am applying for the super awesome data entry position for your e-commerce website." If you fail to complete this step your application will be discarded immediately.

I will use Skype for the Interview process so please make sure you have this. It will be a face to face interview through the use of a webcam and headset. If you do not have a Webcam we can make other arrangements but you will need a headset so we can communicate via Skype.

If all goes well and we hire you there is a possibility of Future Pay raises and Bonuses for completed work.

Please submit with your Interview, Resume and Cover letter, and answers to the following questions in your job application. Make sure to read these questions thoroughly and answer them all and follow any other instructions. You will be immediately disqualified if you do not.

1. Your Name
2. How long you have been speaking English?
3. Where did you learn to speak English?
4. What do you like most about speaking English?
5. Have you ever worked on an E-Commerce website uploading product inventories or do you have any other experience working with websites?
6. Do you know how to use a WYSIWYG editor?
7. Why are you applying for this job?
8. What do you hope to get out of working with our company?
9. Why do you want this position?
10. Where you live.
11. Your odesk profile link.
12. Include a copy of your resume.
13. How long have you been working on Odesk?
14. What is your ideal Job?
15. What is your ideal Boss?
Skills you will need to have: HTML, Understand, &, Speak, Read, and Write, English.

Pay starts out at $1.50/hr. We will pay Odesk $1.50/hr starting wage which they in turn pay you your percentage.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

President / Founder

Skills: yahoo, english, test, management