Data Entry/Admin Specialist

Data Entry/Admin Specialist


Job Description

We are seeking the services of a smart person with excellent communication skills, for the position of Data Entry/Admin Specialist. The successful candidate will be someone who can think about smart solutions—strong problem-solving ability is required. Because when you get a Data Entry/Admin project, a smart procedure will save a lot of time, and increase efficiency. We are not just looking for someone who can perform a repetitive procedure, but also someone who can design a smart procedure, which performs better. You must be able to think in terms of number of steps, time needed, complexity, accuracy, etc. and make smart decisions.

Communication is also vital. The reason for this is that agreeing on a procedure for any project is a team effort. You will be told the goal, but in cases where a procedure must be developed, it will be your job to develop it, and explain it to your supervisor, for approval, before moving forward. This means you must be able to explain concepts clearly, and also consult with your supervisor, listening to new suggestions, and responding intelligently on their validity. We are not looking for someone to just say “yes”; we need someone who can contribute in a meaningful way to the development of the best procedure.

Multi-tasking is essential. This position requires a team player, who can juggle responsibilities and still get the job done efficiently, without getting confused or frustrated. Smart time management, ability to set realistic expectations with your supervisor, and a positive attitude are key requirements for success.

Pay rate is $3 per hour. 40 hours per week. Schedule is flexible, but reliability is a must once the schedule is set. Opportunity for advancement for the right person.

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