Data Entry Specialist Wanted

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are seeking qualified applicants to assist in entering captchas. The task entails typing captchas into our database as quickly as possible with an emphasis placed on the total number of CORRECT captchas entered within a given period of time.
We hope to hire 4 applicants who will each earn $4 to enter a minimum of 4000 captchas.

As a further appreciation of your hard work, of the 4 people hired for this task, the 2 that enter the most correct captchas ABOVE the 4,000 minimum will each get a bonus amount of $2.50 for the first-place hire and $1.50 for the second-place hire.

For consideration, please include an estimate of how many captchas you will be able to solve per $1

Skills: typing, captcha