Data Entry / Web Research for Business Directory Site

Data Entry / Web Research for Business Directory Site


Job Description

Please read full job description before applying.

I have a spreadsheet of 208 businesses with name, address, etc.

This information needs to be reformatted, edited, and entered into a different spreadsheet under specific headings to be uploaded to a Wordpress business directory website.

In addition to moving the data from one spreadsheet to the other, there are missing fields which need to be researched and entered in the new spreadsheet before upload. Also, in the original spreadsheet some fields are separate where in the new spreadsheet they must be combined.

Experience with Excel and experience in troubleshooting Excel/CSV formatting issues required.

So in short the job is to:

#1 Create test record for upload to website to be sure it is in correct format.

#2 Reclassify information from old spreadsheet onto new spreadsheet and enter under appropriate headings. Combining fields where necessary.

#3 Research missing fields on internet (not all fields will need to be researched) and enter corresponding information.

#4 Proofread to be sure all data on new spreadsheet is error-free.

#5 When spreadsheet has been uploaded successfully and checked, the job will be done. Troubleshooting may be required at this step.

There will be a chance to participate in other future jobs of this type.

I can pay flat rate for this or hourly as you prefer or suggest.

The start time would be as soon as possible.

Attached is an example of the spreadsheet you would be working with.

Not required, but preferred: Wordpress knowledge/experience a plus.

Apply today, start tomorrow!

Instructions are attached, please read them. After I hire you I will send the 2 spreadsheets. We will then go over any questions and proceed to produce test record as indicated in job description above.

Skills: research, troubleshooting, test