Data Mining or Lead Generation


Job Description

Looking for someone to build a database for a vertical market sector (will give details of sector after agreement).

All of the details can be obtained directly from each company's websites, portals and directories (You are the expert so you do it whatever way suits you - I will just give you ideas).

I need Company Name, Email address, Phone Number and Address (I know that each company lists these details under Contact Us button).
Some Companies have several offices - some have one and some have 30 or 40 or 50 offices but I will need relevant details for each office not just one. Some of these targets have each of thier offices listed on a single site.

There are about 2000-3000 out there in the UK so this will give you an idea of size of database.

I am putting a fixed price of $50 (but this is just so that you are aware that this is just an estimate (quote less or more on this project its your choice but I will look for relevant experience).

I have other work which I will be posting to so its important we build a relationship. I am working on behalf of 3 companies so a lot of work will be posted on here and other sites too.

Only hard working professionals who stick to targets and when they agree to do something they stick to it should apply. No time-wasters please as time is money.

Sticking to agreement and dates for me is crucial and if you want more work then please look into this project carefully as excuses later will not be appreciated.

Work hard and prosper.