Data Mining

Data Mining


Job Description

I need a list of contact information for all the school districts and schools in the USA, but we are starting with California.

We would need a very complete list of ALL the School Districts in California and are looking for a spreadsheet that has as many of the following fields as you can get:
USA State, USA County, School District Name, Main School District Phone Number, Main Address, Name of leader(s), Title of Leader, Phone(s) of Leader(s), Email of Leader(s)

We are hoping to get the information for as many of the superintendents, assistent superintendents, food service coordinators, or other influential school district leaders.


Also, along with this list, we would like to get a very complete second/separate list of all the schools in California, private and public, along with contact information for the leaders of each (such as the Principle, Vice-Principle, etc.) We would want as many of the following fields as possible filled in:
USA State, USA County, USA City, School District Name, School Name, Type of School (Elementary, Secondary, College, Technical, University, etc.), Main Phone Number, Main School Address, Name of leader(s), Title of Leader(s), Phone(s) of Leader(s), Email(s) of Leader(s)

You will probably need to use data-mining software to do this much. I would like to get started quickly.

Please tell me how long it will take to do each of these two California lists separately and when you can deliver, and please let me know how much each list will cost.

If California's list looks complete and well done in a timely manner, we have more work coming for you.