Data Scientist Consultation

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

My company is looking for a data scientist who can provide us with email consultations in regards to how a data scientist could assist our company to create algorithms to provide our users with personalised health analysis.

There's also a possibility that we can hire you full time to create algorithms for us.

We would like to consult with a data scientist to get a better understanding of what is possible in regards to creating algorithms to provide users with personalised health analysis.

We have questions such as:
Can we create an algorithm that let's a user know how many hours of sleep they need based on their daily habits?
What time of day is their Heart Rate at its highest?
How many steps per day should a diabetic take to maintain their health?

We understand these questions are more medical based and possibly require a doctor to provide answers to. But we would like to know what is and is not possible?

Please respond if you are able to provide us with an email consultation.