Data Visualization (Improving a Simple Servlet-based Web Application)

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At a high level, we need a simple tool to visualize how users interact with our website. When a user visits our page, we present a list of items to the user to choose from. The user may do different actions while browsing these items. For instance, he may click on an item, or hide an item, etc ....

What I need is to be able to see how these actions are performed over time by the user. I have attached a snapshot from the existing tool that we have which shows different actions over items using different colors.

These are the enhancements that I need.
-- Instead of specifying a single user each time and seeing his the plot, I want to be be able to specify a list of user_ids and see all the plots in one page.
-- Scale the time axis in all plots so that they all fit the screen (note that time scale may be different in different plots)
-- The row (in the plot) which contains the item that has been selected, should have a different background (or at least horizontal line) color.
-- There are a few more things that I would like to discuss later cause they need further explanation, and it is easier to do it over a skype meeting.

A few things:
-- The data is going to be pulled from a database, but for now I can give you a .csv file to work with. Later I'm going to change it to connect to the db, so please make sure that you have a nice separate module for reading the data that I can change later.
-- Please specify in your application, how much time you think this would take for you.
-- The code we have right now is quite simple, and it consists of a .java file and a .jsp file. So, if you feel that you can re-write it faster from scratch as opposed to fixing it, it's ok to do so (as long as you keep it a web application) and use a different language like python, etc...
-- If you plan to use a different framework, please specify it in your application.
-- Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

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