Data entry and internet research

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Job Description

Flexible hours! Flexible tasks! FREE training! PAID training! Skill bonuses! Performance bonuses! You will be gathering information about collector coins from many different webpages, comparing them, and then deciding what information is correct for data entry. Some of the information is in photographs that you will need to inspect carefully.

This job requires patient study and much learning, every day. It is one of the best data entry jobs available. If you are smart, hard-working, and you work every day, your skills will increase, and you may become eligible for bonuses and promotions.

You must:

1. Be able to work a minimum of 30 hours per week.
2. Have a reliable and fast internet connection so you can remain online while you work.
3. Be able to copy and paste.
4. Be able to take notes during training, and use them while working.
5. Be able to use Firefox, and other fast web browsers like Opera, or Google Chrome, on many pages at the same time.
6. Communicate well in English.
7. Communicate using chat and forum only.
8. Remain in constant communication with coworkers, using chat and forum only.
9. Learn many new things every day.
10. Ask lots of questions.
11. Near 100% accuracy. Accuracy is more important than speed. Everyone makes mistakes, but you are expected to learn and improve.

Skills needed (help or training is available):

1. Ability to followed complicated, detailed instructions.
2. Familiarity with eBay.
3. Familiarity MediaWiki sites like Wikipedia.
4. Be able to install and learn new software.
5. Be able to make scrolling screenshots using Fireshot for Firefox.
6. Be able to upload and download files with your web browser.

This job offers:

1. Flexible hours, so you can work when you want!
2. Flexible tasks, so you can work more on what you like!
3. FREE training!
4. PAID training!
5. Opportunities for leadership!
6. Opportunities for promotions!
7. Bonuses for improved skills!
8. Bonuses for high performance!
9. A growing team of friendly, helpful people!

How to get hired for this job:

1. Study the websites you will be working on.
2. Study the information you will be entering.
3. Enter data correctly.
4. When you are able to enter data correctly, you are ready to be hired.

Important things to know:

1. You probably will not be interviewed, trained, or hired until you are able to remain in online chat without being disconnected for 5 hours. If your internet connection is not stable for 5 hours, you cannot do this job. But, you can study the job so that you can enter data correctly.
2. When you send your application for this job, include your bandwidth speed test results URL at the TOP, on the FIRST LINE of your application, using the "SHARE THIS RESULT" feature of this test:
3. After receiving help or training, you are expected to begin using it for work immediately. If you don't work immediately, you will forget, and you will have less value.
4. Always stop the oDesk team room when you are not doing data entry. You must ask for permission to start the oDesk team room before you work.
5. Fraud schemes where one person does the interview and training, and then another person does the job WILL NOT WORK. This job is too complicated, and you will be reported to oDesk.

Read this for some helpful tips on how to succeed at any job:

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