Database Builder and minor front end programming

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


We need a database created for an energy sales system. This is a database that will keep track of users as they pay for energy they purchase through outlets that are wirelessly connected to the server.

Our engineers (that are developing the actual controllers that monitor the outlets selling electricity) will be working with you. They will only be writing the tool on the server that sends and receives information to and from the controllers. Your job will be to build the actual databse that keeps track of users and bills them.

We plan on building the database on a Windows server.

We are not sure which programs we will decide on (you have to discuss with the engineers) but some possiblities are:
php c++ python msql

Once you have created the database, we will need to build a basic front end for users and integrate it with our website. In order to do this, the site, which is currently simple php, will be place on a CMS by you and a new page will be created for user login that will be connected to the database.

Eventually it will also need to be integrated with an app, but that is not part of this project.