Database Driven Online Internal Site for Distribution


Job Description

We are in need of an experienced web developer with extensive experience in database design and development.

Our project entails designing an internal website for use for company employees where the database will house stored value cards, which will be extracted by employees through a password protected internal site. Each employee will receive a login and password access to the system. Stored value cards will be housed in a database where admin will be able to load stored value cards into the system based on type and face value of stored value card. The system should be setup in a manner where we can limit the amount of transactions on the system based on daily volume and even by denominations or by the type of the stored value card.

From the back-end system we should be able to run various reports based on agent, carrier denominations etc.. and pull up information that shows all the stored value cards generated by the agent over a period set by us through date fields.

The system should be both robust and secure.

Skills: design