Demo Animatiom for 60 seconds without voice over

Demo Animatiom for 60 seconds without voice over


Job Description


We have a requirement of a 60 second animation depicting Round One's service (

I have attempted to take a quick stab at explaining the storyboard below.

Frame 1: A job seeker standing in front of a company, logs on his laptop, submits apply and his resume flies into a buidling's window, which zooms in and reads HR and then the same resume goes and gets piled on a huge stack

Frame 2: This is where Round One, comes into the picture. A snapshot of the benefits of Round One where u get a referral,

Frame 3: The guy logs on Round One, chooses the name of a company, picks up an employee and pings. The resume flies into another window and the employee receives it. Puts a check mark at it.

Frame 4: Phone rings and shows both people talking.

Frame 5: Employee goes up to the HR and recommends the application

Frame 6: The job seeker walks towards the building, takes the elevator and enters the HR's room. This is how easy it is to get referred via Round One.

Please let me know when we can discuss the same.


Ashim Jolly

Skills: benefits