Design and Build Digital Audio Circuit


Job Description

We are designing a home audio system and require assistance with the design and build of the electronic circuit.

We have identified the android tablet we will use to generate the audio signal. It outputs a HDMI signal that we need to process and feed into the digital audio chip recommended, then use that output into the speakers (requiring a crossover circuit to separate frequency ranges to speakers).

I have attached a sample circuit layout. We would like you to recommend the speakers and their ratings etc.

we would like this to be built,tested and sent to us. we'll cover cost of materials and shipping. The production target cost price is around $100 USD for all materials including power supply, all circuit components and speakers but will remain flexble on prototype.

this circuit will be part of a hardware/software integration. I have attached suggested schematics. We will send the android tablet to the selected engineer.

Thanks, Sorna

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