Design and Implement a Multi-page Web Application


Job Description

Black Gull Books is a high street company which supplies school books and office stationary to a number of
state schools in London. The management have decided to computerise their simple orders system. At
present orders are kept in a book and each order holds at least the following information:
Sales Person
Product and associated price

At present customers can only request 5 items per order. However they can order that item in any quantity
and from any of their two high street outlets.

Black gull have a fair idea of how most of the functionality should be carried out. They would like to get
some professional advice and are also not sure how they will deal with orders in the future.

The management of the Black Gull are aware that the proposed system is untested so that changes to their
original ideas may be made as the development progresses.

It was decided that DSDM would be used for the development and an initial JAD Workshop was held.

Prioritised requirements from initial JAD Workshop
Black Gull need to:

Be able to print out an order. (M)
Input order information. (M)
Input product details. (M)
Input sales person details. (M)
Input customer details. (M)

The system will be windows based and have a drop down menu system to enable all necessary staff to use
it simply and easily.

System Architecture from initial JAD Workshop
The system should run on the company network.
Oracle should be used for the database.
All data should be encrypted

System Security from initial JAD Workshop
The new system should have the following levels of access:
Report Only
Update only
Complete System Access.
Sales Staff will have access to customer details. Only Sales Staff should be able to update customer
System Administrators will have complete access.

In this assignment you are expected to analyse the requirements of Black Gull as they are represented in
the scenario. The initial JAD workshop has only provided “must have” functionality, please add the “Could

have” and “should have”.You may use a CASE Tool to document the system but hand drawn diagrams are
welcome providing they are carefully drawn.

The emphasis of this assignment is on:

The production of a business quality report.
The correctness of the analysis in representing the requirements of the business situation.
A Prioritised Function List using MoSCoW rules to identify possible further functionality
An outline Non-function Requirements Specification
o This should be include a list of non-functional requirements that Black Gull should consider
during the development

Assessment of Deliverables
The report should include:

Table of contents








Identify the stakeholders


Rich picture


A Requirements catalogue (MoSCoW list)
Functional Requirements (25%)
Non Functional Requirements (10%)





Presentation of the Report

The report must conform to the sections and sub sections identified above and the report must be of a high
quality of presentation since you should assume it will be given to the company’s Manager Bill Board.


Use Case Diagrams

Class Diagram




System Architecture from initial JAD Workshop

It is assumed that the new system will have the following volumes of throughput:

20 New account opening queries per day (acceptable range 10-30)
10 Complaint Reports per day

All transactions, orders, invoices and correspondences must be printed on the relevant company headed
forms. The system should be able to print all of the forms at a rate of 10 per minute; however a lower limit
of 8 per minute would be acceptable.

In producing the document, clearly identify any assumptions made.

Skills: design, management, analysis

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