Design for milk carton- URGENT


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I need you to provide me with a design over one of the sides of the milk carton in the attachment. I need you to make this design suitable for this carton.

I want to put in the design of this milk carton facade a little recipe with next to each step some little drawings of the procedure.

I will provide you with the recipe and the pics of the steps so that u can reproduce those pics in little drawings because of course it is not possible to print on the carton photos.

Also i would like you to put some drawings of rabbits next to the recipe because its a carrot cake recipe.

Please send me samples of your job so that i can then hire you if i like your designs.

Please remember to use only the colours that are already present on the carton in order not to incur in extra charges from the printing company.

I will need designs of this kind every 2 weeks and if you prove yourself to be good i will constantly hire you.

Please use the whole facade on the right (under the pure pak logo)
if u have questions about this please ask.

Here attached you will find the recipe of the carrot cake and the milk carton layout.

Thank you

Skills: design

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