Designer of Logos, Banners, and Product Labels

Designer of Logos, Banners, and Product Labels


Job Description

We are looking for help with designing a large number of logos, banners, and product labels.

Our market is upscale and sophisticated. Primarily in travel, wine and gourmet foods industries.

Applicant must show a unique flair for design, color, and other eye-catching elements. We are looking for the best visual presentations.

Please submit examples of no more than three each: logos, banners (300x250, static), and product labels. Give me your approximate charge for each on a fixed price basis in your response, but bid on designing a package of 25 logos. We will add new projects to cover the other items later.

The budget of $5 is only a placeholder. Please bid as you see fit. Remember, cost is not the main decision factor. We want quality. Please follow my request for a limited number of examples. Not doing so will be cause for disqualification.

Skills: design, fine-art, english