Develop Iphone and Android app - Period Calendar


Job Description

Develop an App for Android and IPhone

Info of the app:

This app is a period tracker calendar for women similar to these already existing apps (please download them so we can discuss later some of them and how they work out)



The App will have in the main menu this foot menu: Calendar / Tips /Alerts / Settings

Fist time user will use the app; a summary (2 slides) will explain how the app works.

- Calendar: first time user will write down: her last period date / # days her period lasts / # days of her cycle in a small form.
- Automatically the app will calculate her next period and will show her in the calendar the month (actual month): Her days of period, fertile days and ovulation date.
- She will be able to press any day of the calendar: her mood, symptoms, some icons will be display and write notes.
- Every time she goes to the HOME screen: the summary of her period will be shown “when can she expect her next period”
- There will be a summary were she can consult all her periods ( the app based on the info she gave, will calculate her period for all the year)

- List of tips given by the brand
- Tips will be shown like this app:
- User will be able to share and like any of the tips via Facebook, also send email, message, twitter, add to camera roll (please evaluate the app and see how it gives user this options). When sharing, it should point out to , and with the logo of the app

- In this section user will have 4 different predetermine ALERTS for her to personalize the alarm:

1. Buy Pill
2. Buy tampons
3. My Period
4. Change tampons

She will select how often she wants to receive the alert: every day or every month? Each day at a selected time and a POP UP will appear in her cell, etc

The App will be develop only for ANDROID and iPhone cellphones
Please answer the following questions: + when applying

1. Please give me the sizes of the background for the app /is there a generic size to use for Android cellphones, or do we have to design for each one of the different ones?
2. How should we send you the images for the app? In what format?
3. What is your lead-time after receiving all images?

Enclose Im sending a little brief (architecture) of the app.

Please apply if you have excellent experience in both Android and iOS apps development.

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